Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Wait is Over... Finally!

So last night I finally got to see Breaking Dawn! I know you guys will be thinking "Wow, about time. I saw it weeks ago." But honestly I think the world was against me seeing this movie. Everytime I made plans to see it, something would get in the way. Like it was sold out the first time, we were late getting there the second time, and plus boyfriend's hockey games ALWAYS happen on or around the showtimes. So before he had to play goalie last night, we got to see the 7 o'clock showing of it!
Obsessed! So hot.
I loved it! For the first hour I was swooning over the wedding and honeymoon, but in my head I was thinking "Ohh poor boy who I dragged along." But as soon as the story started developing and the vampire vs. werewolf feud started going, he leaned in and whispered, "Here we go... now things are starting to get intense!" YES! All it took was that sentence I started to enjoy the movie more knowing that he wasn't rolling his eyes every few seconds at those always romantic Twilight lines.
But tradition is tradition.
We saw New Moon and Eclipse together {we weren't dating at the time} so I figure we have to finish out the series now that we are together. Makes sense, right?

So did you guys love the movie as much as I did? Of course I had to avoid all blog posts which mentioned the movie since I didn't want to be spoiled at all... so if you did a little post about them please post it in the comments. I want to read up on all that I missed. Where are my Twilight fans out there!?


Emily said...

Glad you could blog about it but couldn't text me back about how it was! I'm sure you were busy with the boy :) Love you and getting more excited for my present every day!

xx Em

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

I LOVED it... I wanna go again sooo bad.

Jennifer B said...

Eeee! I loved this movie the most! My boyfriend was groaning at the lame parts, but when the fighting started, he was all about it. I admit- I was LOLing at the part where the wolves "mind talk". So funny.

rroosh said...

I loved this movie and I love your blog I also LOVE HOCKEYYYYY!!! I just became a follower thanx again for the kind words on my blog!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Yes, Yes and yes!! I loved it as well. The boy really liked that scene too!