Friday, November 18, 2011

It's Friday... I'm in Love.

After working a half day at work yesterday I decided to start rounding up a few things for the Christmas season that is fast approaching. I picked up some feathers, wrapping paper, and ribbon so I can decorate my presents like this:
Started working on a few little DIY presents for my family and friends. I have a best friend that is obsessed with scarfs, so why not personalize one with a few of our favorite quotes. Something said by Marilyn Monroe or maybe a line from the famous hockey speech in Miracle should work. Haven’t quite decided but thanks to Pinterest this is a perfect present.
This mug makes me laugh so hard, especially since my little sister is obsessed with mustaches. She is that person who takes strands of her hair and holds it under her nose and talks in an accent. Yeah, she is weird. So why not make this mug for her morning coffee? If it turns out I may make a few extra.
It was a good night for sports last night! Boyfriend won his hockey game in a shootout and he scored the winning goal. I was very proud… Also my other boyfriend, Tim Tebow, beat the Jets last night. Love love love. {Its okay that I have two boyfriends right?}
Another love of mine is Christina Perri’s “Thousand Years.” This song has been on repeat ever since it became a single on my iPod. It's truly amazing. I love that it is for Twilight… although I am not a huge Twilight fan, I really enjoyed the books and movies and cannot wait to see the movie later this weekend once all the die-hards have seen it. Haha. I would say “poor boyfriend that he has to be dragged along to watch Breaking Dawn with me” but one of our first dates was to New Moon forever ago, so it’s kind of tradition that we see the rest together. Cute, huh?
Lastly, I am loving my new red-bowed-leopard flats... Adding a little flare to the engineering office today.
What are you guys loving this fantastic Friday? I wanna know.


Emily said...

All I have to say is my present better be wrapped like that and I LOVE your flats my love.

xx Em

Shane Prather said...

Adorable christmas ideas, pinterest is such an inspiration!

Portuguese Prepster said...

Love the Christmas wrapping!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love that scarf idea!!! I haven't seen that pin before.

Sarah said...

I love your shoes!! And, it's totally ok to have two boyfriends, haha. I always tell my boyfriend that famous people are my boyfriend too. He just accepts it at this point. Have a great weekend!