Friday, December 16, 2011

Things I Loved From Yesterday

Thursday did not disappoint in regards to excitement in my life. To start off I woke up ungodly early in the morning to get my last final over with. I was literally drained and barely thinking straight once I was walking to my car in the parking lot when I see a brown bag on my car hood leaning against my windshield… It turns out my boyfriend left a bottle of fake champagne {sparking white grape juice} so I could have a “celebratory drink” afterwards. How stinkin’ adorable?
So when I walked into work, bottle in hand, I felt like I needed a little down time, so I went on my beloved website, Pinterest, just so I could stare at all the pretty pictures and not think about anything! {You know you have done this before.} That was when I found a Tim Tebow Desktop Figure. I made myself wait until my lunch break to print it out and start assembling the pieces. Honestly, it felt like I was six years old again and playing with paper dolls. So exciting!
So thanks to an energy drink and my crazy coworkers we had a little photo shoot for my new Tebow figurine...
"Yay Sarah being done with finals!"
After attending my boyfriend’s hockey game last night we hit the bar to drown our sorrows {they lost} and out of nowhere, the boy says:
“Babe… I love Tim Tebow.
Like really, just watched his documentary and I am obsessed. I think I want a Tebow jersey.”
Okay he may have been a little tipsy when saying all of this, but I am going to hold him to it! Like I always say, “a drunken man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts.” If only I hadn’t purchased his Christmas present already, I probably would have given MUCHHH thought into finding one for him.
To end the night I finally get into my PJ’s at 1:30 am and curl up in bed to see I missed a phone call from the boy. He left me the cutest message:
“Babe, it’s me. I just wanna tell you how much I appreciate you coming to my game and being such a great fan, my support, and even sticking up for me in the lobby. And thank you for being there all the time… I really appreciate it. I also appreciate every day with you and I just wanted to tell you sweet dreams and goodnight, love. So text me when you get a chance. Mwah!” {Yes it does send me kisses over the phone…}

Sounds like a pretty good day, huh? Who else celebrated being done with finals in a WEIRD way!?


Phoebe Jan said...

That is such a sweet sweet message to see before going to bed! I think you've got a keeper! =)

Btw...where did you get that Tim Tebow figure?! My coworker would absolutely love that!

Rebecca said...

umm your bf is adorable!! and I love tim tebow too!
Btw, I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog right now so if you wanna win something cute you should check it out =]

Portuguese Prepster said...

awwwwww that is too cute!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw!! That is the cutest message!