Friday, August 19, 2011

When 2 Amazing Things Collide...

Don’t you just love it when two of your favorite things collide in order to make you extremely happy? I have been obsessed with the Pinterest website and all it has to offer, but for some reason I JUST thought, ohh I am going to type “hockey” into the search box. I swear I started hearing angels singing while the images loaded. I was in heaven! So thank you to this wonderful website, I have gathered even bigger ideas to make my future house as hockey-friendly as ever.

Sidenote: I am a huge hockey fan. My friends make fun of me because I am already planning on having 5 boys so I can host my own team. {one of their friends will be the goalie because I don’t think I could handle that much stress!} But since those dreams are pretty crazy… One thing I know for sure is hockey will be incorporated into my design and decoration of my future home.

First image is one of my favorites. I know every guy dreams of having a “man cave” but honestly, I want a hockey cave. I need a space to hang my MIAMI HOCKEY paraphernalia and Red Wings collectibles, while amazing seats {with a bar} for watching all the big games. This basement has everything I want! Especially the bubble hockey machine because I am currently on a search for one…  I am thinking about buying an older one so I can redo and revamp the machine.
Love the use of a hockey formation white board or air hockey table to be used above a desk. Don’t know why I never thought of this before.
I have already started making this hockey bench. It will probably take a while to complete since I add a stick to it every few months. {I am wayyy to cheap to buy sticks just for the project’s sake.}
I kind of wish I saw this project before starting the bench. It’s a cutting board made solely out of hockey sticks. Man, people out there are so creative.
Now onto my future *hockey playing* kids… {That sounds creepy, huh?}
I am going to learn how to sew just so I can make this quilt someday. This woman is so talented. But its something you can give your kid and he will keep it forever.
For the summer months: Hockey Slip & Slide
For the winter months: Backyard Rink  
Cannot wait until this hits bookstores {or probably just Amazon} in May of next year. I think the cover pays for the book itself. I have no idea what it is about but I plan on buying myself a copy as well some for my two best friends.
I know football season is basically here and don't get me wrong I am stoked about it... but hockey will forever have my heart and dedication. Thank you Pinterest for putting my obsession kind of over the edge.

Anyone else lives getting affected by Pinterest and its greatness?


Aimee said...

Haha! I lOve this post! You sound like an obsessed soccer mom, but with Hockey instead :D this post is great :D
-Aimee- x

CanadianPrep said...

Thanks for stopping by CanadianPrep!

I love this post! Born in Canada, then growing up in FL, I was definitely the odd-man -out when it came to sports. I, too, was a huge hockey fan amongst a group of footballers, and everyone thought I was insane! I may just have to make some of the crafts you've shown one day. Especially the cutting board. That is just genius!

Liz Taylor Training said...

Cute, I love hockey too. Played when I was younger. Wish it was bigger here in the south. You rock @ Crafts and LOL @ "OCD" hahaha

Life With Lauren said...

Love pinterest! and it looks like a good book already:)

Rebecca said...

Hockey players are so hot =] I like hockey too, and I love all your hockey cave ideas!

annahita said...

my husband loves hockey too, now I have some great ideas of what to do with his old/broken hockey sticks, thanks!

agroeper said...

I LOVE hockey...when I'm at a game. I'm not a huge fan of it when I have to watch it on TV haha! Nothing beats a good, live game though!

Portuguese Prepster said...

Hockey players are so hot!

Camylla Leonardi said...

Hockey is AWESOME!! And I can see your totally obsessed with it! hehe

Dont forget to pass by my blog, and enter to win a coach wristlet!!

lauren nicole said...

not necessarily a hockey fan, but i sure do love these cute ideas!!


Alex said...

that whiteboard, too cool!

Anonymous said...

You must be every guy's dream girl! :o) I'm not a big hockey fan, but I gotta admit that bench is pretty awesome!!