Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Speak Softly. Carry a big stick.

Okay I know everyone is talking football right now on their blog posts and SportsCenter… and don’t get me wrong I am a huge college football fan and love the sport. But my heart will always have a major soft spot for hockey. Any type of hockey whether it’s NHL, college, peewee, midget, or even men’s league games I will watch and yell. I am even sporting my Red Wings shirt today at work!
What makes things even better is while on break this morning, I was thumbing through the new Warrior Hockey magazine and saw this beautiful advertisement starring this beautiful man. My favorite player, Henrik Zetterberg {plays for the Red Wings} is the new endorser of the Widow hockey stick… hmm love hockey players in their suits. But this ad is intensely hot... or in Brandon's words "bad ass." I mean look, his stick is on the bar next to his drink on ice with a straight face and underneath lies the tag line:
"Speak softly. Carry a big stick."

Boo yeah! That got my blood going… now I am on cloud nine. I have the advertisement hanging on my desk next to my calendar that is counting down the days until September 3rd . {First game of the season.} I am ridiculous, huh?
But honestly, you will love this man too after I tell you about how he got married. His wife, Emma, threw a party on the beach the weekend of the wedding that was wonderfully brilliant. Emma wanted to poke fun at the Sweden's tradition of public baths as recent as the 19th century by giving everyone a striped onesie bathing suit. What I love even more is the fact that he was game for it! I mean who says “Yeah babe, let’s theme our pre-wedding party and wear old fashioned bathing suits.” {of course, he would have said this in Swedish though} However, they do make an adorable couple and the pictures and concept are truly amazing and original.

The Wedding Guests

Even the rest of the Red Wings team sported the look! Love, love, love.
Wedding Day! They are both so attractive.

So now that I got to talk about my favorite things in the whole wide world - hockey and Zetterberg. I can go back to my work day fully contempt... Who can be in a bad mood when sporting red and white Red Wings apparel?

Anyone else ready for hockey season? What sport/team do you absolutely go crazy for? Do you like the crazy wedding idea?


Chrissy said...

Oh me me me! I love my Red Wings ♥!

Taylor said...

i love nhl hockey! i am a big Flyers fan.

Camylla Leonardi said...

Unfortunately I'm not a big fan of ANY sports but I'm loving the wedding hehe

Lots of Love,

Bay Park Dream said...

Ha. I'm from Anaheim so I guess I like the Ducks.. and the Angels, but I can't say I've ever felt passionate about either teams hehe.

I do on the other hand, thoroughly enjoy basketball (Lakers!) and football (Chargers and UCLA Bruins!) ;)

That wedding is awesommmmmme


Portuguese Prepster said...

o my god those pictures are hysterical!

miss andrea lee said...

I love hockey too! Since I'm from the bay area I love the San Jose sharks!

Rebecca said...

I love hockey too! and the good looking players dont hurt either ;]

Raquel said...

Ahh yes so glad i found a hockey fan like me!!

Shane Prather said...

Where's your Redhawks hockey shirt woman?! ;)