Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday {3}

Today I am linking up with to complete my 3rd edition of “What I'm Loving Wednesday!” I am happy we are halfway through the week and lately things have been going well… so I have to clue you guys in.
ONE: I am loving that my little brother left me a handwritten note and a friendship bracelet on my dresser this morning. I woke up at 4:30 am to the cutest little surprise. {Its the tri-colored one!}
TWO: I am loving that this same little brother is currently talking me up to his athletic football trainer/physical therapist this summer. As soon as Joe found out that his trainer goes down to Miami University in the summer to train the hockey players and watch over the camps, he started dropping my name even more. I am not going to lie – I am interested… extremely interested. So he can keep saying good things about me because in a few weeks, once high school football starts I will be there cheering on Joe and checking out the trainer on the sidelines. {Win-win}
THREE: I am loving that I have cut down my Diet Coke addiction to one can a day. {Used to be three…yikes}
FOUR: I am loving that my bookcase is insanely full right now with books I’ve read this summer and others that I can’t wait to get too.

FIVE: Getting to spend time with my sister on the lake.. We are both workaholics so a day off is celebrate together!
Kelly & Me
SIX: Last BUT not least… I am loving that there are only 2 months, well 66 days, until Miami University AND the Detroit Red Wings’ hockey season begins! To celebrate, my best friend Brandon and I wore our Sauce Hockey t-shirts today. We planned it over dinner last night… call us lame, but we are diehard hockey fans.
What are you guys loving this beautiful, hot Wednesday? I wanna know what else to be obsessing over this month.


Alexis @bloomedinjune said...

i LOVE having a full bookshelf!

and i'm a tiny bit nervous about hockey dad is a major, major montreal canadiens fan and my mother was a big winnipeg jets fan, until the franchise moved. well, it's back now and since i love both teams so much,i know i'll be living in a house divided anytime either team plays...

i hope your miami university team does great, but i won't be wishing any luck to the red wings ;)

courtneywagley said...

How cute of your little bro! What a sweetheart

Camille said...

fab blog I love the photos check out our blog and follow :-))))