Monday, August 1, 2011

U Gotta Regatta!

Well this weekend was busy, busy, busy… hence the lack of blog posts, but I’d figure I would show what I have been up to. My hometown of Petoskey had its sidewalk sales which were nothing short of amazing due to the hot weather and all the sale racks. One of my big purchases of the day was a Vineyard Vines skirt to wear later that night to the Regatta!
The last weekend in May the Little Traverse Yacht Club and Irish Boat Shop always host a sailboat race {called the U Gotta Regatta} in Lake Michigan. Once the race in completed all the racers and sailors celebrate with free beer and brats. {Greatest combo ever.} It always turns out to be the party of the summer with its live bands and beautiful scenary!
Jordan & Me.
Mom & Me
Little brother Joe, Me, and my cousin Sam
Afterwards, we had a few more drinks at Dudley’s Deck @ the Pier and then crashed at my best friend’s house for the night. It was great to unwind with friends and family while enjoying where we live. Its days/nights like that when you look around and realize how beautiful my little hometown is. I spent the entire weekend on the water, so expect a few more posts of me lakeside! {Totally goes with the theme and name of this blog, huh?}

Anyone else get a little water and sun in their life this weekend?!


Emily said...

Lovooooe the vineyard vines skirt. And I got way too much sun and water lifeguarding all weekend :/

Portuguese Prepster said...

I love the skirt-it was one of my faves from their Summer line!

Alex said...

Love the skirt - so nautical!

Rebecca said...

So pretty! Thanks for checking out my blog =] I followed your as well

little miss southern love. said...

Such a cute skirt! Perfect for a day by the water!


Diya said...

It's been really great going through your blog post, very well informed and described. Great to read and know more about such kind of stuff.

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