Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday! {4}

It’s my favorite time of the blogging week… I get to talk about what I love on this beautiful Wednesday. I am linking up with Jamie so I can share my obsessions and hopefully discover a few new ones as well. Here we go!
1.     Loving the color 'light blue.'
Currently rocking OPI’s “I Vant To Be A-Lone Star” nail polish from their Texas line on my hands and my blue-plaid Sperry’s on my feet.
2.     Good movies
Something Borrowed came out on DVD yesterday and since I work forever long, I sent my brother out to pick up a copy at Family Video {my biggest fear was they would run out of copies before I got there} I literally cannot wait any longer. When it came out in theatres, I had purchased the book but didn’t finish it, so I thought I would take my time to get through it then see the movie later. Now is later! So worth the wait. I was literally laughing and saying "awwww" outloud. The book was WAY better, but the movie held up in my opinion.
3.     Bad movies
I went on a date this weekend and for some crazy reason I choose the movie “Cowboys and Aliens.” Looking back on it now, I have no idea why I did other than I have been obsessed with zombies lately and like sci-fi stuff. {No correlation really but it makes sense to me.} Ohh well, the date was perfect regardless. We were the only ones in the theatre {first sign not to pick this movie} and we picked apart the story line and characters the entire time. You know when you have that night when you say good one-liners and they just keep coming out of your mouth one right after the other? That was me on this date… and he thinks I am funny so that’s a win-win. {The boy is a keeper. There have been many dates after our poor movie choice date.}
4.   You and I – Lady Gaga
I love this women. I think it’s because every song she writes makes incredible music for me to choreograph. I love getting really creative with her songs… She is so unique that it makes okay to think out of the box. She tweeted her new music video for “You and I” yesterday and since it was my favorite track of the album, I wanted an insane video. That’s exactly what I got… Gaga as a man and a mermaid? Pretty great stuff. Check it out!

5.   Drinks with girlfriends Last night was $2 Tuesday at one of our favorite restaurants, City Park Grill. I met up with the girlfriends and drank a few Summer Shandy’s for cheap. Nothing like cheap drinks and great conversations!
6.   Bachelor Pad 2 It’s a guilty pleasure but sooooo worth it. Last episode made me cry and trust me I never have gotten that emotional during any of those reality shows. **SPOILER** but honestly once Ames runs to the limo after Jackie, I look up at The Boy for a second and he looks down at me and admitted “Okay that is sweet. He really loves her.” So while I got emotional he just kept saying “Wow, alright man!” I was already hooked before that, but now I will keep watching for sure!
7. Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick in Coral Shimmer 120
I swear by this lipstick. I have always been the girl who needs a layer of Carmex on my lips all the time, but this has easily topped/replaced that. The color is beautiful and I love how moistening it feels because it doesn’t have the usual dry-lipstick feeling. It applies just like a balm and has been my go-to color for the summer months.

8. Vacation away from work.
Lately, I have felt a little burned out from work- the long hours and days on end devoted to engineering jobs so I am taking a little break from it. Sleep in a few days and spend some time sorting my life out. My boss is amazing and letting me take this time for myself. Should be nice to have a change of pace!

9. Starting a whole new diet and exercise routine.
I went with my best friend earlier this week to sign up for a gym membership that includes Zumba classes. I am still going to go on my long distance runs by the water but I figured I needed a little gym time in my life. K will be a big help and motivator for me as well, so I am looking forward to getting into it hardcore!  
10. This weather!
As everyone complains about the heat, I am loving it! I want more of it…. Nothing is better than getting out of work, putting the top down on my convertible and driving home along the shore of Lake Michigan. I am excited for fall but I am going to enjoy the last days of hotness. I am going to miss it once the snow starts falling {yikes!}

So what are you loving this Wednesday? Any favorites?!


Life With Lauren said...

I love that nail polish! I really want to see something borrowed maybe I can talk hubby into getting it this weekend:) Happy Wednesday!

A Northern Girl With A Southern Heart said...

Love that color of nail polish. AHh Something Borrowed in movie and book form was amazing. I recommend reading Something Blue if you haven't yet, it's just as good! =)

This Ordinary, Everyday Life said...

Great things you are loving! Love vacations, even if they are short. And I am obsessed with fitness, good luck on your routine!!

Anonymous said...

cute sperry's!

Emily said...

Loving all of your loves!! Great post! Have a great Wednesday! :)

Rachel said...

I had no idea S'thing borrowed came out on DVD! Whoo-hoo! I have seriously been anxiously waiting since I missed it in theaters!
Love that OPI color as well!
Have a great day! :)

Holly said...

I loooovvvee Bachelor Pad! Nothing like some good trashy reality tv!!

cailen ascher said...

cute nail polish and thanks for the tip about something borrowed - that does look cute : ) that last pic with the adirondack chairs looks so serene!!

cute blog - i'm your newest follower.

p.s. i unveiled my new cookbook, vegetables & vodka, on my blog today - and it's FREE to download. hope you enjoy it!

Jenna said...

I bought that light blue color earlier this summer! I love it too! :) It's a nice relief from all of the pinks and reds out there!

And "Something Borrowed" is one of my favorite books!! I liked the movie a lot as well, but I HATED the way they may Ethan in love with Rachel.

Sarah said...

I had no idea Something Borrowed came out! I am dying to see it too!! :)

Bevin said...

Sarah Jane - Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog!! I love finding new blogs to read :) Reading yours today makes me think that we have a ton in common...I love all of your "What I love" things for today!!!

rosecandle11 said...

hii thank you so much for your comment:)

i'm following back! i think you have a great blog and i'd love to see more:)


Kit said...

Great things you are loving today!

Emily said...

EEEKK!! I can't wait to watch something borrowed. I had wanted to see it in the theatre but decided I needed to read the book first. I am totally going to get it tonight.

Also - how sweet is Ames? Where was this hopeless romantic on the Bachelorette? So sweet!

p.s. thanks for stopping by - I like visitors.

Meg {henninglove} said...

i need to rent something borrowed ASAP! and bachelor pad is totally my guilty pleasure too did you hear they broke up already?? what a bummer i had hopes for them cant wait for next week's episode already!

Ashley said...

Thanks for the follow! I'm glad you did- I'm loving your blog! Hope you had a great Wednesday :)

Hannah said...

I loved "Something Borrowed"!! I'm totally getting it tomorrow ;) I agree... the book was better but the movie is still just too cute!!

agroeper said...

I am loving the Bachelor Pad this season! And I agree, Ames running after his girl was amazing!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm glad to have found yours through that! :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

First of all, I LOVE the new Gaga video!! I also thought the book was better for Something Borrowed. I got the Dvd on tuesday and make sure you watch till the end of the credits because it shows Darcy in England with Ethan which is the beginning of the 2nd book!

Sarah said...

Those drinks look DELICIOUS! And, I love that you love Lady Gaga's song too :) You definitely have a lot of awesome things to be lovin'!

Meagan said...

I enjoy watching the bachelor pad as well. haha :)

life is aMAYESing said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! :) I'm loving your blog!

And I'm totes obsessed with Bachelor Pad 2! Call it a sick obsession? Guilty pleasure? Whatev. Love it :)