Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romantic Getaway Anyone?

What better way to jump back into the blogging world then to start planning my one year anniversary trip with my boyfriend? I figure its a way I can keep my plans secret (he will never check the blog) and maybe even get some input from you guys.

So I won 4 tickets back in March for the Jewel Golf Course located on Mackinaw Island. Remember this post? I have put off using the tickets all summer since life got busy. (This blog suffered from the insanity as well.) Now things are slowing down and the leaves are starting to change, which inspired me to finally dig out the tickets and start planning an anniversary-worthy trip. The only thing the boy knows is I booked a tee time on the 29nd of September and to tell the couple that is going with us that they can either meet us on the boat dock that day or come up with us. That is all he knows...

Here's my game plan:

#1. Pick him up from work that Friday and drive him to Mackinac City, which is 45 minutes away. Check us into our hotel for our hotel room complete with balcony and Jacuzzi!
#2. Dinner at the Dixie Saloon and then after dinner drinks at O'Reiley's Bar:
#3. Wake up Saturday morning and board the Arnold Ferry, which is literally docked next door to the hotel, in order to travel across Lake Huron to Mackinac Island.
#4. Our tee time is set for 10:44 am. So we will leave the dock and head straight to the Grand Hotel for our golf outing. The greatest thing about Mackinaw Island is the fact that motorized vehicles are prohibited. Visitors are to walk, ride bikes, or take a horse and carriage ride around the island. Its simply amazing... This is the main reason why I chose to bid on this item at the silent auction months ago because part of the package involves:
As part of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, The Grand Course and The Woods Course create what is known as The Jewel Golf Course, where a 20-minute horse-and-carriage ride is required to make the turn between nines.
“ The best thing about it is the tranquility of the island itself and the pace of play,” head professional Ryan Maibe said. “You need to take a carriage ride back and forth between nines and you can catch lunch in between. I’ve never heard of another course having that.
#5. Which brings me to my next point.. We can have a carriage ride picnic! My next door neighbors actually gave me this advice when I first told them of my weekend. They said "you must pack a lunch for the carriage ride. You'll be starving by then and plus its romantic." Sign me up!

So now I have to come up with some picnic ideas... I want food that screams fall yet light enough that we can finish the final 9 holes afterwards. Thanks to Pinterest I have been having a field day...
BUT, I want to hear from those who have had amazing anniversary trips. What should I bring? Champagne and picnic food... That seems like a brillant weekend in the making already. Please help me with some details and advice!

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That sounds like it's going to be an AMAZING anniversary trip! I would definitely pack champagne and picnic food for the carriage ride!