Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday {7}

It’s my favorite time of the blogging week… I get to talk about what I love on this beautiful yet freezing Wednesday. I am linking up with Jamie so I can share my obsessions and hopefully discover a few new ones as well.

Here we go!

Nicole Miller golf club covers. I got new clubs on my birthday in April and my sister was trying to find me Miami University covers for them, but everywhere is out of stock. So finally I bit the bullet last week and ordered these babies. They are in Warhol print which have little bright golf bag designs throughout them. Love!
Sweet shoutout tweets from little brother.

Margarita date with my love. Endless chips & salsa. Laughs. Tequila. Great combination!
Qdoba date with my mom. We went on a shopping spree this past weekend and worked up quite an appetite. We don't have one in my hometown so it was nice to eat something that reminds me of my days at college.

Modern Family premiere is tonight!

Sundays & Wednesdays at the rink. Its great seeing all the boys again after the summer suited up and hitting the ice. How I have missed this.
Decorating my apartment for autumn. So cozy.

Seeing House at the End of the Street with my best girlfriends. I highly recommend it... Very suspenseful and a great story! Not too scary though, just creepy to think about.

Punking the boy with a 6 pack of mini Budweisers. These things are only 7 ounces and cost around $3 bucks... Best prank ever. He didn't even notice their size until he went to put one to his lips and had to lean in to meet it. His face was priceless and his friends' reactions to him drinking them at a football tailgate later was so good!
What are you loving today? I need new loves in my life, so let me know.

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Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) and Following! I am lovin your blog! and that Margarita looks delish! excited to follow along!! :)