Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Golf Basket.

The last two days have been surprisingly sunny and warm up here in Michigan... we lost the 2 feet of snow we got hit with last Saturday and it already feels like Spring. With warm weather comes my obsession to planning out my summer and thinking about what to do on my weekends off of work.

Well...a few weeks ago, I went to silent auction with my parents and boyfriend that benefits our alma mater high school's athletic program. Almost instantly I was drawn towards the "golf table" which had every golf course in Michigan up for auction as well as a brand new golf bag. Now, I have a bucketlist that I fully believe in completing and playing a game of golf on all the courses located up here have made the list so when I read, "Golf on The Jewel located on Mackinac Island," I died.
Auction Golf Basket

I continued to read as it mentioned "4 tickets aboard the Arnold Ferry to reach the Island. 4 person tee time. 18 holes of golf. Golf carts included and transportation between the Grand nine and Woods nine is riding in a specially-designed horse-drawn carriage." I quickly pictured myself there:
LIKE WHAT? Seriously, it looks like the most romantic thing I have ever heard. I quickly wrote down a bet of $100 and ran away to find the boy. Of course, he is at the bar and after a FEW drinks we decide that between the two of us we would only bet up to $300. (I started looking up prices on my iPhone... this trip is worth $610 easily.) So an hour later, I had competition and had to bump my bet to $250. I was a nervous wreck... however, it was all worth it. I WON! For $250 dollars I get a romantic gateway on the most beautiful island I know, while getting to golf on a course I never thought I would be able to play on. Plus we will be staying in this room:
Crazy, huh? So now I am looking up golf outfits, especially since the boy and I will be matching no matter what! Ohh, and I need cute outfits for riding a bike since there are no cars on the island. Only bikes and horse drawn carriages. So check out my blog post tomorrow since it will be full of outfits for that. I swear I am going crazy! I cannot wait until July when we go.

Anyone else ever been to Mackinac Island between the two penisulas of Michigan? If you have any golf trips or outfit ideas, let me know. I need to make this trip truely memorable!


eas said...

What a great basket you won! Have fun on your trip. I've never been but have heard the best thinks about Mackinac Island.

miss andrea lee said...

That sounds so amazing!! I love golf trips!! I can't wait to hear all about it!

Portuguese Prepster said...

sounds so fun! can't wait to see pictures!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That's going to be an awesome trip! You got it for a great price!

Life With Lauren said...

That is amazing! Have a great time!