Monday, September 24, 2012

To My Favorite Man...

Happy Birthday, Dad!
Well today is a day definitely worth celebrating. My father is hands down the hardest working man I know and tonight my family is dragging him out of work EARLY for his birthday party. It is about time that he clocks out with the normal people and takes some time off.

I have gotten the privilege of working at the same aerospace company for the past 5 years with him and its safe to say we are best friends. We usually eat lunch together and our desks are actually located next to each other this year. Family bonding while getting paid. Win-win.

At work, I am an engineer and he is head of maintenance. Its crazy because I will be walking across the plant to check on a fixture and there will be my father inside of the machine trying to figure out why it has malfunctioned. He's one smart dude... He has years of experience while I went to college to learn half of what he knows from real life situations. Crazy!

But anyway, cheers to my wonderful dad. I will have a shot (or two) of Jameson waiting for you at the table tonight. I love you to pieces!

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