Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weird Combinations...

Last night was very interesting...
After a birthday dinner for my dad, I headed back to my apartment with my boyfriend to curl up with some red wine and watch Game of Thrones season one episodes. Of course, I couldn't sit still regardless of how epically great that show is, so I started brainstorming a little DIY project to do while watching. Little did I know this combination:

Creates these beautiful, glittered, dazzling, and brilliant pumpkins:

Mike just laughed at me as I am sprinkling glitter over cheap looking pumpkins and said, "Wow, those turned out really cool."

Of course I just smile and say, "Do you know how much these babies would be at Pier 1? Yeah, see with a little creativity, wine, and mid-evil violence anything is possible." (Why is he dating me?)

Now I just need a trip to the local farm market for some real pumpkins and autumn corn to create a centerpiece with these glittered pumpkins. Pictures of that project are coming up!

Safe to say I am fully throwing myself into this fall weather. Michigan is freezing so as long as there are fun projects to do, I will be game. Anyone else doing fall-related DIY projects? Come on, give me something else to do while we finish this season and continue onto the second season.

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That pumpkin looks great! That would have definitely been expensive from pier one!