Monday, January 30, 2012

To My Best "Frand"

This happened a week ago, but after a weekend of spending time with my best friends I just have to talk about it and share. My best friend, B, has been having some health issues lately and the doctors can’t figure out what exactly is wrong, so I have been on his speed dial as the one to call for trips to the ER. Well since he is such a manly-man the kid is still playing hockey at night. So after hitching a ride to their hockey game with my boyfriend {both on the same team}, I walk up to my “seat” in the stands and there is a card with a rose by it. I see the handwriting and know immediately it’s from B.
Inside the “You Are a Lifesaver” card, he states how dependable I am and how no one in his life has a relationship like we do. I know this is a hard thing for my boyfriend to understand since it’s like there’s another guy in my life that needs attention and I will drop anything (I cancelled a date the other night to take B to the hospital) to take care of him. But after he saw that B went out of his way to thank me like that, the boy realized that there is no changing this. So we all went out for dinner and even watched all the NHL All-Star action together. My world feels right again. I can have my best friend and my boyfriend in the same room without there being mixed feelings.
I cannot help but feel lucky. So now if only they would find out why B is feeling so sick I would be perfectly happy. One step/test at a time, right?

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Ashley said...

That's so sweet of B! I hope they figure out what's wrong with him soon and he's back to feeling healthy!