Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Love & Honor Weekend.

I had one of the best weekends ever. I finally got to see my beloved alma mater’s hockey team up in my neck of the woods! All it took was an hour and a half drive north over the Mackinaw Bridge to get us to Lake Superior State University for some college hockey action. To makes things even better I was surrounded by amazing friends and the boyfriend.
He even wore some serious Miami Redhawks gear:
We went with another couple {best double date ever} and we hit the road wayyy before the game to slowly get up there and take in the great North.
Beautiful day for a roadtrip.
After many drinks and a few appetizers {good combo, huh?} we headed to the ice arena. I was flabbergasted to see we were so close to the Miami bench. The tickets said Row 5, but really it was only 2 rows above it… SWEET! So I got to look at these guys up close and personal.
It was also fun to see the coaches interacting with the players too in between shifts and on time outs.

A few of my friends drove up separate and sat in our section with us. So in total you had 7 obnoxious Miami fans cheering for the boys in red and white. Like my best friend, B, he's wearing a shirt I got at school for free. Love it.
I smiled through the entire game… even after being hit in the back of the head from someone doing Chuck-A-Puck. But I chalk that up to karma… I deserved it from standing up and cheering when LSSU got scored on.
I also want to see every ice rink in the CCHA conference, so that means I get to check off Lake Superior State University’s Taffy Arena off the list!


Taylor said...

i love ice hockey games! my boyfriend used to play, i miss going to all of his games. they really were the best! glad you had so much fun. :)

Alexis @bloomedinjune said...

awesome seats! and i have no idea how your friend can be wearing short sleeves at an arena :) maybe it's just me, or canadian arenas, but i'm always FREEZING at them, ha!