Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Recap.

Well this weekend was full of sports, sports, sports, sports, sports… and that is not an over exaggeration. I honestly feel like my life is documented by who the people are in my life and which sport they are partaking in that day/night. Good thing I always find a way to make it fun!
Friday was dedicated to my brother’s football game, which was in Rockford, MI. I realized from being in this town for 5 minutes that maybe someday I’ll live there {with my future husband and 5 boys who all play hockey.} They have a huge high school with a football stadium that is gorgeous.. litterally looks like a college statium. But on the other hand, their downtown is so small and charming. I loved it even more when we happened to find the best place for a few beers and dogs before the game. Its called the Corner Bar and they even have a Hot Dog Hall of Fame, that if you eat 12 of their coney dogs you get your name on the wall. Look how cute:
Mmm Chicago-Style dog.
Even won $1 from the Pull-Tab Machine in the bar. Winner, winner!

The "little" brother {#8} scored 2 touchdowns during the night. So fun to watch!

Sunday was spent mostly on the couch... recovering from a night of dancing and adult beverages with the boy and these little ones seen below. Of course we were watching... SPORTS! {Detroit Lions game was on.} The guy I am seeing has a pug named Lola, who over the past few months I am becoming seriously attached to… It’s crazy. The other pug in the picture is his mom's pug, Sidney, who he was dog-sitting for the weekend. The only time they weren't snuggling with us on the couch was when this picture was taken and I had to quietly sneak to take it. Stinkin' adorable.  
Want to know something else that is crazy?  I have a Lola too. How weird is it that we both have Lolas that are 5 years old? Our next date we are planning on bringing our dogs with us... It can be a play date for us and our dogs. Haha I am so cheesy, but has anyone ever done that?
Please tell me I am not crazy!


Emily said...

I'm laughing out loud in the library that you both have dogs named Lola and Austin has a kid named Lola. And Joe looks pretty hott in that picture.

xx Emily @

Jenna said...

Oh man! You certainly did have a sports filled weekend! :) Good thing you're able to make all of those sporting events fun! Despite being the only girl in my family, I have a low tolerance for sports. I think I was overexposed as a child, haha.

And I LOVE the idea of you two having a Lola play date! I put my goldendoodle on Skype sometimes to have a "Skype date" with my best friend's dog in Chicago so I am totally not judging! lol

Life With Lauren said...

They are so adorable in that picture! Sounds like a great weekend;)

Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

What a gorgeous stadium! And hearing about hot dogs is making me hungry...I really should have eaten breakfast!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Now I seriously want a hot dog!