Friday, October 14, 2011

Weekend Plans.

Only 9 hours of work left until I get to yell “it’s the weekend.” Then the craziness starts.

Things to do:
Get the iPhone 4S. My phone has had a great run and now it’s ready to be upgraded. I am very excited about this since lately my phone decided it’s too weak to power my apps or allow me to have long conversations. Out with the old and in with the new!
I will be ordering these puppies in a few minutes once my paycheck is deposited. Red and white TOMs! Love love love. Pretty fitting for my beloved Miami Redhawks and Detroit Red Wings. I think its the perfect hockey shoe while the boy thinks I am crazy because they don't "look warm." He should know by now that cuteness over warmth!
My little brother has a football game tonight… ohh and its homecoming and he’s on the court! VOTE FOR JOE! It’s crazy that he is a senior and got his pictures back yesterday. Makes me feel old.
Joe hugging the ball after his game-winning interception last week.
Date nights. This weekend will be full of dates with the boy. He told me last night that “I have to get in my Sarah-time right now because once winter hockey season starts (next week) I won’t be around much.” It’s true. He will be playing games 3 times a night while also being the referee for the other teams’ games. Goodbye boy, goodbye.

So what’s more romantic and a perfect date then a haunted house an hour away? Every October in Wolverine, Michigan a company hosts the scariest haunted house ever. I haven't been in 3 years, so I know it will creep me out like the first time I've gone. They even added a haunted swamp behind it... Yikes. This girl's biggest fear is getting lost in the woods so I can only imagine how much I will freak out once I am being chased through the woods.
Lastly, my best friend sent me this card in the mail and I nearly died laughing. It’s sad but true. I am getting it framed due to the fact its kind of a rule I live/date by.
With that note, I am going to crank out hours of engineering work so I can start enjoying my sports-centered weekend of football and hockey. What do you guys have planned this weekend?


whit said...

lol cuteness over warmth FTW! :)

Have fun at the Haunted House! It sounds super creepy. *shiver*

PS: Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. :)

Jennifer B said...

My phone is being delivered today! I've never had an iphone today so I'm so excited!! My Toms are my favorite shoe! and LOL at the hockey postcard hehe

Mrs. Y said...

I'm waiting for my iPhone 4s to be delivered and I can't wait. Hope you enjoy yours.

Jesica said...

I LOVE haunted houses! I wish there was one near me!

Emily said...

OK so lots of things to say about this.

1. Thank god you are getting a new phone, you drop my calls at least once a week - or once a conversation actually.

2. I ordered those shoes too - we can wear them with our bedazzled shirts.

3. Love the "I can't like you because you don't like hockey" - good thing Eddie and Mike like hockey

xx Em

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I still have the 3gs! I need to get the 4 sooo bad!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh I love those toms!