Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tis the Season... To Be Scared.

I am one of those bizarre people who love to be scared. Nothing tops a good scary movie or a haunted house… Thankfully for me, I found a boy who loves it as much as I do. Now it’s become a competition of sorts as we come up with things for us to do on date nights that will prove whose the strongest/bravest. This little journey of ours is about to be kicked up a notch as this week and weekend are chock full of scary events.
Tonight after his hockey game, we will be plopped down on his couch watching American Horror Story on FX. I can’t say enough about this show! It’s brilliant and weird and scary and wayyy beyond normal. It has so much promise and I hope it doesn’t let me down anytime soon… Especially since it’s now become “our” thing to watch the episodes together next to the fireplace.

Plus, I love love love Connie Britton. Ever since Friday Night Lights {one of my favorite shows of all time}, I have been a huge fan of hers. She is amazing in this show. Who would have thought she would be perfect for this role on the show? Anyone else watch?!
Tomorrow night…after another one of his hockey games… we have midnight tickets to the premiere of Paranormal Activity 3! These movie tickets were a gift that was JUST handed to me an hour ago. The boy is taking this whole Halloween Scare-a-thon seriously. So I will let you know how that goes… but after the first 2 movies, I can’t see why this one won’t be as bizarre and off-the-rocker like the others.
I love Halloween season…. Something about all the ghosts, demons, blood, gore, and the fact that all of this is okay for one month out of the year. We are sure living’ it up!
Anyone else like being scared? Seen any good horror movies lately? I want to know!


Jennifer B said...

Ah! American Horror Story is SO good! I have to sleep with a nightlight, even with my boyfriend next to me ;)

Jesica said...

LOVE being scared! Halloween is my favorite time of year because of all the scary movies they play on TV all the time!

Jenna said...

Hahah it sounds like your weekend is full of scary shows! I personally cannot stand being scared. I'm such a baby! Once my mom took my friends and I to a haunted house when we were in grade school, and I screamed so loud when this one guy popped out that he took off his mask and said, "It's okay! It's okay! It's just a mask!"

Emily said...

this is a very disturbing side of you that I have never seen before

Gracie Beth said...

I am all into American Horror Story too you! We should compare theories.

Megg said...

I love a good scary movie! Although I don't like the bloody ones, more the thrillers, the ones that build with the scary!
I like The Omen and 28 Days Later...both of which are older movies because I haven't been to the movies lately :(

Ashley said...

I'm so excited to see paranormal activity 3! ..I hope it's better than the second one though