Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What I Love Wednesday.

I thought I would share what I am loving this Wednesday morning.
I love:
Seeing The Hobbit in 3D on Monday. I adore date nights with the boy. It is so much fun to go out in public and act silly.
My brother's rendition of how to wrap Christmas presents.
My company Christmas party date.
Putting together my best friend's "hostess basket." I got her a few things from downtown Petoskey. Cranberry wine, Mango Habenaro Salsa, and blue chips. Perfect items for my favorite hostess.
Getting reminders from lunch's fortune cookie.
Thanks to Pinterest... I will be making these the next 2 days for our company wide potluck.
What I love most?
We are about to be hit with a huge snowstorm.... I put a red dot on the map to show where I live.
It's going to be a very white Christmas! Bring it on. I am finally ready for some (or a lot) of snow.
What are you guys loving this Wednesday? I want to hear.


Emily said...

I want a snow storm :( And Joe's wrapping i ridiculous lol, my parents would kill me if I wasted that much paper!

xx Em

eas said...

I love your hostess basket for your friend. The first cupcakes are my favorite! I am loving that cast of downton abbey is on anderson live today.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Haha! I love his wrapping!