Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloweekend Festivities.

This Halloween weekend was one of my favorites. Not only was my costume easy and fun to wear but the boys' costumes turned out even better. Its fun to just celebrate dressing up and going out for the night. So here are a few pictures of my night as Rosie the Riveter. 
The Gilligan Island Cast
{The Skipper, Gilligan, & The Professor}

How was your Halloween? I want to know what everyone was and any DIY projects you performed to make your costume the best! I want to share my project with you guys... The boyfriend needed a Skipper hat  and all I could find at the costume shop was one for the air force. So I took off the patch and replaced it with an anchor patch. Then I removed the gold ribbon and changed it out with some golden rope with knots. I couldn't be happier and the boyfriend loved it! I guess that's all that matters :)
 Happy Belated Halloween everyone! Cannot wait to see your wonderful costumes :)


Emily said...

You look AMMMAZZZIIINNNGGG. Now bring your talents down to the Ox.

xx Emily

Jessica Renee said...

Your costume is awesome!! And I Love how crafty you were with your boyfriend's hat, it came out great!

Katie said...

LOVE your costume! I'm going to jot this down as an idea for next year. Yay for you being crafty with your boyfriend's hat, too. It turned out great.

Sarah said...

Very cute outfits all around! Looks like you had a great time!

Rebecca said...

love all yalls outfits!