Thursday, September 22, 2011

Things I Love...

Lately, I have been so busy. College classes are going strong and kicking my butt, however, I am making sure to create time for letting off stream and celebrating all my hard work. Thank goodness, I have amazing friends who help me out.

1. Football
Every Friday is spent watching my little brother play his senior year of football. Luckily the girls came out to watch with me and cheer for Joe-Joe. It was a very close game and he played like a beast, so he was thrilled to say the least. {See last picture.}
2. Wine Nights with B.
I finally got my best guy friend back! His hand was seriously burned a few weeks ago and now that its back to normal again, we decided to celebrate with a bottle of Cakebread Cellars wine and a cozy fire. B and I sat for hours just discussing our lives and talking about the long 2 weeks we spent apart. Which felt like forever to us.
3. My Birchbox arrived... Loved this month's package of Minimalist Sunforgettable Mineral Powder, Adventurous nail polish strips, Practical Jouer Lip Enhancer, Crafty Truth Art Beauty Face Nourish, and a bracelet. Love, love, love.
4. I even spent the last few beautifully warm days at the beach followed by drinks with the girls. We tend to keep things classy... Prime example: Rebecca using a floatie as a lawn chair.
Overall, I am loving September. I cannot wait for all the fall festivities to kick in though. Anyone have fun plans for this weekend? I need ideas for more things to love. Gotta keep myself busy, so school doesn't consume me. Do you guys have tips to help me keep busy!?


adamwells said...

Go see the Lion King in 3D, or go on a bike ride, or find a place you can tutor some grade school kids.

Stephanie said...

LOVE Cakebread wine! And my mailman messed up and I couldn't get my Birchbox this month! I called them to get them to send me another and they told me they were out. I almost cried! I did get a refund but it still made me sad :(

Portuguese Prepster said...

sounds like you are having a fantastic Fall!

Jenna said...

Awww! I absolutely love wine nights with best friends <3 And you even had a cozy fire! Seriously perfect!

And that is so special you get to watch your little brother play football every Friday. Very cool!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh I love Birchbox! I get so excited when I see it's came in the mail!