Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No Longer MIA!

Well my lovely followers... I am back! Sorry for the lack of action lately but since its the last few days of summer, I had to fully submerge myself into the warmth and outdoors. Unfortunately blogging, tweeting, and Facebook had to take a backseat. Now I get to show you guys what I have been up to.

1. Trip to Northern Michigan University with my best friend to visit my sister and some friends. Since it is located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I came prepared hike, swim, and experience what college life is like for them.
Me & my sister
Rebecca and me on top of Blackrocks in Marquette, MI
2. Cliff diving... enough said.
3. Making delicious Cookies 'n Creme cupcakes!
4. Watching my brother's senior year varsity football games. He has scored 5 touchdowns in each of his first two games, so I spend most of the game jumping up and down and acting like an idiot. Yeah, I am in his number one fan. Not to mention from attending every game, I am becoming a phenomenal action shot photographer.
5. Taking care of my burn victim of a best guy friend. We were lighting sparklers one night together and acting like kids by writing each other's names in the air. Well he was holding a group of them together and went to light them... all of a sudden they instantly exploded in his closed fist. I rushed him to the hospital immediately and now once a day, I get the pleasure of redressing his wounds and thanking God it wasn't me... Sorry B.
6. Making serious progress on our back porch bathroom... Goodbye lime green {yikes}, hello beautiful tan.
7. Finishing the Friday Night Lights seasons. I literally cried of happiness for 20 minutes straight during the season finale. I loved this series and can't help but hope that the talk of making a movie out of it comes true. Plus staring at Tim Riggins for five seasons makes anything enjoyable!
Who else is trying to get everything out of the rest of the summer? Have you guys tried anything new lately? New hobbies? New loves? I wanna know what's keeping you busy.


Rebecca said...

I bawled like a baby at the season finale of friday night light. Like seriously I was upset for days!

Sarah said...

My brother has convinced me to start watching the seasons of Friday Night Lights! I can't wait to start!

Liz Taylor Training said...

Those cupcakes look freaking ahhhh-mazing! I love how an oreo is at the bottom, what a cute idea.

Earl-Leigh said...

Two of my favorite things: Tim Riggins and cupcakes!

Jennifer said...

Hi!! I'm so glad you commented on my blog so that I could find yours. Those cupcakes look DELICIOUS! & Cliff diving? Brave girl - I am way too scared to do that! I can't wait to read more of your blog! xo

-Emily- said...

I loved FNL and especially Tim Riggins! LOVE him! Can't wait to read more on your blog :)

Diana said...

I love michigan the water there is amazing. i went to Mackinaw city last year and it was such a blast. That cliff diving seems a little too scary for me but it's always fun to see other people try it. lol Yes you can call me a chicken. ha ha Well it seems like you really had a great summer. I mean cupcakes, football, family, redecorating I mean what more can you ask for ? i on the other hand did absolutely nothing this summer. No vacation time for me just school and that's about it. Anyways thank you so much for following my blog. It really means a lot to me :D

Mary and Dyer said...

Thanks for visiting my page today & for your sweet comments! :) Hope that you had the chance to enter our Tiffany & Co. necklace giveaway!

Love those cliff diving pics - looks like so much fun!!

Just starting following you - look forward to more posts!


Mrs. Williams said...

Thanks for visiting my blog - not only do we share MI, but a love of cupcakes & FNL! I just finished Season 5 last night - I had to spread it out & savor it. amazing.

agroeper said...

Oh my gosh, is Tim Riggins amazing or WHAT?! He's in two new movies coming out in 2012 and I will definitely be seeing them! Love him! Totaly eye candy!

Shane Prather said...

can i get the recipe for those cupcakes?! yum!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It looks like you were so busy having fun! Sorry about your friend, that had to have been painful!

Turtles and Pearls said...

It sounds like you've been busy! I love visiting friends at other schools and doing things with them. Those cupcakes look delicious!